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10 Best Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Child’s Preschool Activities

Rather than forbidding your child to use the smartphone, it’s much better to try to get the most of it. Mobile phones do not have to be devices used only for entertainment. They can also be used for education!

Actually, many studies have shown that the kids who have the access to smartphones usually perform better in school than those whose parents forbade the use of these devices. In fact, certain smartphone applications can be used as preschool activities.

With that in mind, here are 10 best mobile apps that can boost your kid’s development!

1. LumiKids Park

Your kid needs some brain workout, which is why it’s wise to download an app called LumiKids Park. Basically, this game engages the child’s short-term memory, challenging them to solve puzzles, recognize colors and letters, and so on.

2. MarcoPolo Weather

This is another mobile video game that will challenge the brain of your kid. Although the main point of this game is to provide fun, it’s also fairly educational, which is why you won’t make a bad choice if you include it in preschool activities of your child.

Basically, the goal of the game is to pick the right clothes for the playing character. The kids have a large offer of clothes at their disposal, but the catch is that it needs to match the weather outside. What this means is that it isn’t enough to simply choose the clothes that look the best on the character. The kid also needs to think about how the character will feel in that outfit.

3. Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

If your child is a fan of the legendary show, Sesame Street, this mobile game might be the perfect choice. As its name suggests, this app is meant to help your kid learn a new language or polish their English language skills. The best thing about it is that it’s super-fun to play. Basically, the children are asked to solve puzzles, complete certain tasks, and answer interesting questions, all related to alphabet and grammar.

4. Learn With Homer

Another video game that can help your kid polish the language skills is Learn With Homer. This game focuses on teaching your kid to read, while playing interesting games. Apart from having fun, your kid will also learn new words and phrases, as well as get introduced to the grammar of English language. According to the game’s developer, Learn With Homer is proven to boost the Reading Scores of children by staggering 74 percent!

5. Fiete Math

Here’s one smartphone game that will help your kid do better at maths. While providing the child with an unlimited amount of fun, this app also gets them introduced to the magical universe of numbers. The best thing is that the game starts at the beginning – teaching your kid the basics of mathematics.

As the gameplay progresses, the game will get more complicated. Instead of focusing only on teaching numbers, Fiete Match will start presenting the little players with mathematical tasks such as addition, subtraction, multiplication of numbers, and so on.

6. Draw and Tell

If you wish to unleash your child’s creativity, one of the best ways of doing it is through an app called Draw and Tell. This game does exactly what its name suggests – it lets your kid create a story by using words and visual effects. It’s actually pretty easy to play, but this doesn’t mean the results aren’t impressive.

On the contrary, the stories kids make through this app can be breathtaking! In fact, you can be sure that your child is going to be satisfied with the final work, which in turn, is guaranteed to inspire them to keep on being creative.

7. Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program for Preschoolers

There aren’t many games that are good for preschool activities like this one. In fact, this application was made with that exact thought in mind! It has the potential to get the most out of your preschool kid, boosting their logical thinking, determination, and compassion.

All of this is achieved through the use of various characters, all of which are lovely and fun-looking. In order to help them reach their goal, the kid needs to solve puzzles, answer correctly to logical questions, etc.

8. Metamorphabet

Metamorphabet is another game that combines learning with fun. What makes it stand out from other language-learning apps is that its graphics are fantastic! We are sure your kid will fall in love with this game. Actually, you will probably find it hard to take them away from this app. But, why would you want to do that? Metamorphabet will teach your kid the alphabet faster than anything else!

9. Endless Alphabet

Similarly to Metamorphabet, this app is also designed to encourage kids to learn the alphabet. It also uses amazing graphics, but the difference is that Endless Alphabet takes the things a bit more seriously.

Apart from teaching the children their ABCs, this app will also get them introduced to new words, as well as to some basic grammar rules. Another thing that makes Endless Alphabet a better choice than Metamorphabet is the fact that it’s completely free to download!

10. Rosetta Stone Kids

Probably the best language-learning application, Rosetta Stone, now has a version for the kids! This app is designed especially for preschool children, whose parents want to teach them more than one language. For instance, Rosetta Stone Kids can help them learn Spanish, while boosting their English skills at the same time.

All of this is achieved through the use of entertaining visuals, but also by letting the children have fun solving puzzles and guessing hidden words. Still, the main reason why Rosetta Stone Kids might be the very best language app for kids is the fact that it was developed by through experts. Software developers teamed up with language specialists and child development professionals to create an ultimate mobile app for kids!

Of course, there are many more amazing apps for kids apart from these ten. But, finding them might be a bit tricky. So, make sure to do your research before letting your kid play any kind of app!

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