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10 Potty Training Tips That Work!

One milestone that we all look forward to as parents is leaving behind diapers. And an important part of this transition is potty training! It is often marked by a mix of anticipation and apprehension – for both you and your little one. So, here we are, with some tried and tested potty training tips for you.

But before that, remember that potty training is all about patience and understanding. At its core, potty training isn’t just about swapping diapers for big-kid pants. It’s about nurturing confidence, fostering independence, and celebrating small victories. So before you start using these potty training tips, be prepared to have lots of patience. A gentle, encouraging approach is always the best!

1. Don’t hurry

You might be eager to get your child diaper-free soon. But is your child ready to give up diapers? Every child is unique and can have their own developmental pace. If you try to force them into learning how to use the potty, it may easily backfire.

2. Look for signs of readiness

Not every child is ready to start potty training at the same age, so watch for signals that your little one is ready. These might include showing curiosity about the bathroom, discomfort in dirty diapers, or the ability to follow simple instructions. When children are more aware of their bodily functions, they can accept the transition.

3. Be patient with number 2

Usually, kids learn how to use the potty to pee pretty quickly. But, when it comes to pooping, it’s a whole different story. Many children need more time to master this skill, so arm yourself with patience!

4. Reward your child for small wins

Potty training can be a long journey. Celebrate small wins by rewarding them. A reward can be something as simple as a star on a chart or words of praise. Every small win – whether they can communicate when they need to use the bathroom or when they successfully finish their business on the potty – needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

5. Create a routine

Just like mealtimes and naptimes, potty time should also be included in the routine. You can start by helping your child use the bathroom at regular intervals, gradually extending the time between two intervals. Use lots of encouragement! For pooping, you can take cues from your child’s usual routine, or help them sit on the potty for a few minutes after every meal.

6. Get a fun-looking potty

One of the reasons why kids refuse to use the toilet is that they are afraid of the big-sized potty seat. Choose a potty seat with the right size. You can also get a kid-size potty seat that fits on a regular toilet. It’s a good idea to buy a potty seat that looks fun. You might even want to let them choose one they like!

7. Make the experience comfortable

You can’t expect your kid to be eager about using the potty if it’s uncomfortable. A cushioned potty seat is a good idea. What also helps is to give them a stool to rest their feet on so that their feet aren’t dangling.

8. Get your child the right clothes

Getting them some cool underwear can make them more interested in wanting to ditch diapers. Also, dressing them in clothes that are easy to get out of can help to quickly get the pants off when nature calls!

9. Make it fun

Even with the potty training tips, the actual experience can feel like a struggle. Try to take the pressure off by introducing an element of fun. Potty-training songs and books are a great way to navigate this transition while you and your child have fun and find new ways to bond!

10. Be prepared for accidents

Accidents are part of the process. Be prepared with spare clothes and a calm, reassuring attitude. Comfort your child if they’re upset. Remind them that it’s a natural part of learning and reassure them that it’s okay!

Potty training can be a challenging process, but with these tried and tested potty training tips, some patience, and a lot of encouragement, your child will be proudly using the potty in no time!

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