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10 Video Games that Promote Big Kid Development

It is a fact that we live in the era of computers. Some people might not feel comfortable that these machines have become so important in everyday life of an average person, but there’s no running away from it. Instead of trying to ignore the modern technology, why not try to embrace it?

If your kid is desperate to play video games, there’s no need prevent it. Instead, you just need to ensure that the games promote the big kid development. We’re now going to help you out with that! The first thing you need to do is ensure your child’s safety and security on the internet. This is something that can be achieved by setting up parental controls.

Basically, this way, you will be able to keep your child away from the appropriate content that lurks in every corner of the World Wide Web. This is important as most video games that are meant for children are browser-based. Most antivirus programs allow you to block inappropriate websites, but you can also use apps like ContentWatch Net Nanny 7 for the same purpose.

Once you’re done with setting up the parental controls, it’s time to choose the right game for your child. The good news is that there are many educational video games out there that can add to the big kid development. In fact, some of those games are designed to be used as parts of children’s preschool activities.

Rather than letting you waste your time looking for such a game, we decided to help you out. So, here are 10 educational computer games that you should encourage your child to play!

1. Magic School Bus

This video game will make your kid start thinking of science as something fun and exciting. Based on the TV series of the same name, this educational game will get your kid introduced to the wonders of our planet, human anatomy, animals and plants, astronomy, and so on. The best thing is that Magic School Bus can be installed both on Windows-running PCs and Macs.

2. Dora the Explorer

Here’s another video game that encourages children to explore the world. It’s based on a popular TV show of the same name, which follows the adventures of a girl and her animal friends. Apart from being fun, the game is guaranteed to make your child learn new words, get better at maths, etc. Another great thing about this game is that it’s available in two languages – English and Spanish.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars managed to combine two fictional universes, creating a puzzle game that’s extremely entertaining to play. There’s no way your kid won’t like it. But, apart from being fun to play, this game also makes the players’ brains to work hard, which is why it can be a great tool for the big kid development.

4. Reader Rabbit

As the name of the game suggests, Reader Rabbit can help your child get better at reading. But that’s not the only good aspect of this game. Reader Rabbit can also be set to teach your kid new scientific facts, boost their problem-solving abilities, polish their math skills, and so on.

You can even set the Reader Rabbit to teach your kid a whole new language. Still, the best thing about Reader Rabbit is that it can be played in the multiplayer mode. What this means is that your kid can socialize with other children, while learning new things.

5. Zoombinis

This game was developed with the purpose of teaching the children logic in a manner that doesn’t seem too strange to them. Each level in this game is about solving a puzzle, which makes Zoombinis a sort of a logic exercise for kids.

6. Epistory

Computers are the future and this game teaches a big kid how to use them. At least, it teaches them how to use the keyboard properly. Epistory will boost the typing skills of your kid by taking them on an adventure through the eyes of a girl fighting corruption in the world of origami.

7. Crayon Physics

At the first look, Crayon Physics might seem simple, but you need to push your brain to the limits in order to progress through the game. The whole point of the game is to move a ball from one point to another by drawing new objects with a virtual crayon.

You can draw stairs, ramps, slides, or whichever type of object that can help you achieve your goal. However, there are certain rules that you need to comply with, which is something that adds to the charm of the game. Actually, the rules make it pretty tricky sometimes.

8. Minecraft

Did you know that Minecraft is the second best–selling video game in history? That fact itself shows how awesome this 3D sandbox game actually is. When it comes to the development of your kid, this game allows them to be creative. Your kid has all the freedom to create anything they want, as Minecraft has no specific goals.

9. Tetris

Created by Soviet developers in mid-1980s, Tetris is the best-selling video game of all times. Everyone knows the rules of Tetris, so it’s pointless to talk about them. What’s more important is the way this game can influence your children.

Basically, Tetris is a great method for brain exercise, which makes the kids think fast and use logic. The only bad side of this game is that it’s a bit outdated, so it might bore your child too soon.

10. The Sims

Launched for the first time in the year 2000, The Sims is a life-simulator that puts the player in charge of the daily lives of virtual people. There are many sequels of the original game, some of which are set in different time periods. However, the premise of all the games in the series is the same.

Thanks to its rather unique gameplay, this game has the potential to boost your child’s decision-making abilities and strategic thinking, as well as their compassion, discipline, and social skills.

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