5 Smart Methods to Promote Big Kid Development


A big kid is an explorer – there a whole world waiting for them to discover it! But, it’s not just the real world that your child might be interested in. At this age, they are extremely interested in fantasy. In fact, for every big kid, the world is a limitless place, where everything and anything is possible!

Pretend play is a common thing at this period of their life. Basically, this means that your kid might start playing games in which he or she is imagining to have magical powers. It won’t be a surprise if your kid develops an imaginary friend to accompany them in their imaginary world of adventures.

Over time, pretend play will become more elaborate. Often, at this stage of life, girls start imagining being movie stars or princesses; boys start imagining being cosmonauts or successful athletes. As their curiosity grows higher, the demand and openness to new games becomes obvious. That’s when you need to help them out, by introducing new, smart games. Not only will you fight off the boredom, but will also be able to ensure a proper big kid development.

1. Smart Games and Toys

You can induce your child’s creativity by letting them play certain games, such as Lego. By using these tiny plastic bricks, your child will be able to build a world of their own, just the way they like it. This type of construction toys is guaranteed to grab their attention, due to the fact that Lego is an extremely popular brand that branches out to many different areas, including cinema. So, if you want to make your child fall in love with Lego, let them watch The Lego Batman Movie!

In order to promote the social skills development of a big kid, you can encourage them to play board games. The best thing about them is that different board games promote the development of different skills in your kid. For example, playing scrabble will help your child learn new words; playing monopoly will introduce them to the aspect of money, while playing chess will boost their problem-solving skills.

2. Sports

Your big kid might be full of energy and the best way to channel it is to engage in sports. This is especially good advice for those parents whose children are showing signs of aggression toward other kids in school. Sports can help them not only get rid of the negative emotions but also learn much more about discipline!

3. Arts

Same as with sports, arts can be a great way of allowing your child to use the abundant energy. Arts will help them express themselves and help promote their creativity. Some of the best arts choices for a big kid include visual arts like painting, and performing arts like music or dance.

4. Crafts

Art is a way of letting your kid express their emotions. However, the problem is that arts might not be able to awake an interest in a big kid who’s full of energy. That’s why a better option would be to focus on crafts. Creating something that’s useful in the everyday life is bound to make them feel proud.

5. Educational Video Games

Computers and smartphones have become important parts of our lives. That is why it’s a fact that you can’t keep your kid away from these devices. So, if you can’t beat them, make them your allies! Rather than banning video games, why not allow them to play some that will help the big kid development?

There are a huge number of educational video games out there, which can help your kid’s development in many different ways. Depending on the game, it can help the kid learn a new language, get better in the maths, learn history, and so on.


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