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7 Best Apps for Preschoolers

We are living in a time of smartphones and applications all around us. And our children are also exposed to this world. While regulating screen time is a good call, we cannot keep our little ones away from technology entirely. So which are the best apps for preschoolers that can make their screen time worthwhile?

Mobile apps can help your child learn. In fact, some of these applications can provide them with the preschool activities they need. In order to turn the mobile phone into a learning tool for your kid, all you need to do is download some of these applications!

MarcoPolo Weather

This is a mobile game that’s available for free download both on Google Play and Apple Store. It’s a simple game that lets your child choose the outfit of the game characters according to the weather.

For instance, if it’s a sunny day, your toddler can choose a shirt and a pair of shirts for the character. This way, not only will they learn more about climate and the weather, but the game will also provide them with much-needed brain exercise.

Toddler Games for 2-3 Year Old

This is a thoughtfully designed game for children to boost their creativity and imagination. It’s one of the best apps for preschoolers to learn the alphabet, numbers, and colors. It also has simple games related to sorting and identifying shapes and sizes which are good for critical thinking.

This app features activities related to real-life like supermarket shopping and cooking which are good for the overall development of your little one. A very good app to spark curiosity and promote the love of learning.

Crayola Create & Play

This is a free app available on Google PlayStore. This app lets your preschooler create and play with colors! The game unlocks new challenges every day and gives badges and rewards on completion of milestones. It’s a good way to keep your child motivated and spend some time exploring their creativity.

This app is loved by parents because of the many wonderful features it has to keep preschoolers engaged. While there are in-app purchases to get access to more features, the free version is also quite engaging.

Fiete Math

If you want to prepare your child for mathematics, this app might be the right pick. Fiete Math is one of the best apps for preschoolers to introduce them to the world of numbers and basic math. It’s extremely fun to play and very interactive. The game is all about identifying numbers and manipulating them. It starts with simple tasks, but as your child progresses, the app provides more difficult mathematical tasks. So, you can help your child learn at their own pace.

Homer Learn & Grow

According to the official site of this mobile app, Learn With Homer can help your child increase Early Reading Scores by 74%! This application was designed to be a fun way for learning new words and phrases. In fact, you can be sure that your child will fall in love with reading after using this app. It is designed to improve thinking skills, reading skills, social-emotional skills, and creativity. It also introduces your little one to mathematical concepts.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Having fun might be the best thing to learn new things. One of the best ways to introduce your child to the alphabet is to make it interactive and fun. The Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen is a great app to do this!

The name of the application explains everything – the characters from the popular series Sesame Street will guide your child through learning the letters of the alphabet. The whole process is interactive and engaging. It includes answering alphabet-related questions and completing certain tasks as you move up in the game.

LogicLike: Games for Kids

This app has over 4500 educational tasks. It takes care of different learning needs such as logic and math, creativity, geography, word games, and trivia for kids.

The game has simple activities like coloring and solving puzzles to keep your preschooler engaged. It’s one of the best apps for toddlers and helps them use screen time to learn something useful. The app design is adorable and challenges the critical thinking ability of your preschooler.

Choosing the best app for preschoolers also depends on what your child enjoys. It can be a good option to keep your toddler productively engaged. Hope the list shared above helps you find some good apps!

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