How to choose the best baby bottle warmer


Things to consider:

The world of parenthood is filled with many mind-boggling questions about what is and what isn’t best for both you and your baby. When it comes to feeding your child, all parents naturally want to feel that they are giving the best that they can in terms of quality and price.


Of course, the bottle warmer you choose should reflect the type of food you are giving your child. Are you pumping breast milk at home and feeding your child breast milk from a bottle? Are you looking for a baby milk warmer for when you need to feed your baby at night? Are you using a breast milk pump to have your own milk or are you feeding your child formula?

Philips bottle warmer


All of these points should come into play when choosing a baby milk warmer to help you find the most suitable option for both you and your baby. This article will focus on natural feeding using a breast pump and how to find the best baby milk warmer for your needs.

When to use a baby milk warmer?


As most parents are aware, a bottle warmer can help make fast work of the feeding process bringing some much-needed relief to mom and dad when dealing with a newborn. The convenience of a bottle warmer can help free up some much needed time, especially for those who still have to work while taking care of their baby.


As with most baby products, there is a wide variety of baby bottle warmers available in the marketplace and having to choose one can be a daunting task. The first thing to consider is what type of milk you are feeding your child.


When heating breast milk, you do not want to heat I above a certain temperature as this destroys many of the vital vitamins and nutrients in it that are so vital to your babies growth and immune system. It also ensures that you do not burn your baby during a feed.


Sure, you can do an elbow test, but your babies mouth is much more delicate than your adult elbow and this is where a baby milk warmer comes in handy. The warmer will keep the milk at a consistent temperature without risking the nutrient content or risk burns to your babies mouth.

You could also choose a portable warmer that would allow you to heat your pumped breast milk on the go. This is ideal for those who do not want to breastfeed in public or who need to go out often throughout the day. A baby milk bottle warmer is best suited for 0-20 month-olds, although they can be used for ages above and beyond that.


What types of bottle warmers are there?


There are many types of bottle warmers that you can find with each type ideal for different situations. From large, countertop baby milk warmers to a portable warmer that frees up your need to be at home all day.


Countertop baby milk warmers are the most commonly found warmers in the home. you will usually find the countertop bottle warmer placed upon a kitchen counter or sideboard. Some of the more modern versions of the countertop warmers also come with some pretty awesome features such as a cooling area allowing you to keep more than one bottle ready for night time feeds. This is an ideal solution for mothers who are pumping breast milk throughout the day as it allows for them to store it and reheat it easily and quickly.

Countertop baby milk warmers

Portable bottle warmers are much more slimline than the countertop baby milk warmers. They also offer the freedom of having to reheat bottles of milk in one location as they do not require a power socket to work. Of course, a power source must be used, and this comes in the form of batteries. While the convenience of the portable bottle warmer is apparent, the cost of batteries over the long term must be factored into the price before making a purchase.


A travel bottle warmer will normally operate via batteries, while some of the more modern and up to date versions can also operate via a USB port, meaning that even your laptop can power it. These bottle warmers are absolutely ideal for when you have travel plans or need to commute to work often. However, it would be wise to note that the heating of baby your babies milk bottle will take a bit more time than standard countertop warmers do. The plus side of a travel warmer is that it is small enough to carry with ease.

Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

So whether you are pumping breast milk at home using a breast milk pump, or heating formula milk, a baby milk warmer will provide the ideal solution for making sure that you feed your child the best quality milk without damage to its nutrient content


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