Essential Advice and Products for Your Newborn Care


Giving birth to the first child is a source of infinite happiness for the mommy. Thus, she can experience anxiety and unexplained fears because of the lack of experience.

At first, the new mommy might feel unprepared for what is about to happen and fearful about her new role – being a mother. Even so, all these moods will pass as long as you treat things patiently and confidently.

Dear mommies, no need to panic! Of course, raising a baby isn’t easy, but if you get help from your partner and your family, you will successfully surpass this period. The secret is to organize everything in advance so that you won’t find yourselves overwhelmed and totally out of control later. It is why we recommend you to buy in advance the necessary products for the newborn care.

Here are the products that must not miss from your house if you are expecting a baby:

  • The nourishment of the baby starts with breastfeeding

Thus, some children might reject from the outset breast milk. The reason is simple: the digestive system of the newborn is not entirely developed; it is why their body can become intolerant to lactose. In this case, you must replace breast milk with an appropriate formula of powdered milk. To feed the baby correctly, you will also need feeders and baby’s dummies.

  • Clothes and footwear

When you choose the baby’s clothes, you have to take into consideration three criteria that are critical: the comfort, the safety, and hygiene. First of all, beware of the fabrics that you choose! We recommend that the newborn should wear 100% cotton clothes, with soft and silky touch. Then, be sure to choose the correct size, without buying too small clothes that might affect the skin breathing of the baby and might not allow him to move at will. Due to this discomfort, he might start to cry, and mostly during the night, he might risk suffocating. The baby’s feet are in continuous growth, so you should buy him comfortable and flexible shoes, with a rubber sole.

  • The arrangement of the newborn’s room is a priority for both parents

Choose the furniture carefully. It is recommended to avoid pieces of furniture made of iron and metal and that have nooks that might endanger his safety. The ideal bedroom should be breezy, without including too much furniture. You will need a bed, a commode to deposit clothes and an armchair on which you can rest during the nights when you will monitor his sleep. The bed should be wooden and tall enough to prevent accidents.

You must have recently renovated the room so that the walls or the floor would not hide tracks of mold. It must also be frequently aired and permanently clean.

  • The toys

A baby can be intellectually stimulated starting from his first year of life. It is why you should surround him with instructive toys. It will contribute to a quick development of the senses, of the intellect, of the association capacity and the linguistic ability. We also recommend Cubes and colored wood figurines. The lighted and musical toys will also stimulate the baby that absorbs a significant amount of information from the outside and tries to react accordingly. By interacting with these toys and the external elements, the newborn will have the tendency to respond to these stimuli and thus will learn to speak earlier than other children of his age.


With the family’s extension, you will have to adapt to a new lifestyle. Prepare appropriately for the role of a mother during the pregnancy period.


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