Four Important Rules in Monitoring the Newborn’s Safety


Ever since you became a parent, the cute being that you take care of with pride means everything to you, and its security is above all. The many tours to the baby’s bed and back or the fear of letting the child in the grandparents’ care are familiar to all parents. Fortunately, technology has improved and brought solutions to the needs of even the harshest parent that wants to look after his newborn closely.


The remote monitoring system is an investment in the safety of your child and also for your comfort. Whether you want to finish your household work while your baby is playing in his bed or you want to relax when he sleeps without supervising him, the interphone or the monitor is the ideal solution. Thankfully, there are all kinds of systems on the market that are affordable to all pockets. Thus, you must follow some rules for the newborn safety:

  1. Choose the appropriate monitoring system

The monitors become your eyes and ears when you are away from the baby. It is why you must choose the device that best adapts to your lifestyle and your home.

  • There are analogical or digital systems.

The analogical systems are cheap, but the quality isn’t extraordinary. The analogical signals transmitted as radio waves interfere with other devices from inside your house (TV, mobile phone). Or with the neighbors’ monitors that use the same frequency. The digital systems instead, they convert sounds into data not allowing the presence of any interference and have additional applications: temperature and humidity sensors, bidirectional transmission (walkies-talkie), the watching lamp, registered songs. The price is proportional to the efficiency.

  • There are audio and video systems.

The audio devices, known as inter phones allow you to hear the sounds from your baby’s room and thus assure the newborn safety. If you want to see what the baby is doing as well when you are not next to him, you can choose a videophone with high-level video cameras that allow you to visualize the room during the night as well. In this category, we can also include the IP cameras that can you can control remote so that you can watch on your baby from work as well.

Some devices can monitor even the baby’s breath through some sensors that are under the bed’s sofa. If the device doesn’t detect any breathing during 15 – 20 seconds, the alarm starts ringing. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, the monitors must offer you clarity of sound of an image for an ideal surveillance of the baby.

  1. Check the accordance of the device

The device must correspond to all European standards. Read the label carefully and return the project if it does not correspond to the technical specifications. The safety of your baby depends on this device. Consider its quality!

  1. Respect the instructions for use

You must employ the according to the instructions and so prove its efficiency. You might have had other surveillance systems for your baby, but every model has its characteristics. It is why we recommend that you read the instructions and respect the directions.

  1. Choose carefully the spot where you put it

If it has a wire, you should put the device away from the baby. It is recommended to fit up the device away from any source of water. It will prevent accidental electrocution.

For ideal results, the audio monitors will be placed at 10 meters away from the bed to issue the baby’s sounds efficiently. Instead, for a clearer image, the video models must be equipped close enough to the baby.

Does it seem difficult? It is just a matter of time until you will become a pro in using the best newborn safety tools.


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