How Much is Okay to Spend on Childcare?


Not many parents realize this, but early childcare might be crucial for their child’s development. This is why it is extremely important to make the right choice when it comes to the childcare. You can look at those who will provide the care to your child as their first teachers. So, basically, the childcare is the very first level of education of your toddler. Because it can have a huge impact on your child’s future, you need to find the very best childcare, even if it means paying more.

According to world’s leading pediatricians, child’s development depends on a number of important factors. One of those is the level of care provided during the child’s early life. You would think that this is something that the parents should do, but sometimes they just don’t have enough time for that. Working parents will find it hard to spend enough time teaching and listen to their kid on a daily basis. Furthermore, some parents might not have the skills needed to provide the child with the quality education early on.

The solution is using the services of professional childcare provider. Their job is to properly take care of your child, as well as to guide them through educational, but also social and emotional development. This is why so millions of parents from all around the world have decided to put their trust in center-based childcare facilities. These centers have what it takes to properly take care of your kid’s development, perhaps even better than you would!

Average Cost of Center-based Childcare

Putting your child’s development in the hands of the professionals from a quality childcare center seems as a good idea. The problem is that if you want quality, you may need to pay a lot. The problem is that Child care can cost even more than $15,000 per year in the US. It all depends on the state, but if you want to enroll your child in a quality care center, better be ready to spend a few dozen grand yearly.

To give you an idea about how much it costs, we need to point out that the average full-time childcare in Mississippi is a bit over $4,860. Massachusetts is the most expensive US state in this regard, with the yearly childcare costing more than 16 thousand dollars. Surely, most parents would choose to pay even several times more just to provide their child with the best care. But, does the price reflect the quality?

In order to be called good, a childcare center needs to be able to affect your child’s development in various ways. It needs to help the kid develop emotionally, but also physically. The care center also needs to provide early education to your kid, creating the basis for the future education. Unfortunately, not all care centers match these criteria.

Some parents think that if you’re going to pay a lot of money for childcare, you should go with the best possible solution! If the money is no concern to you, hiring a nanny might be the perfect option!


Is Homecare a Better Solution?

There are several reasons why homecare might be the best solution for your kid’s early development. First of all, it usually takes place in your home. A familiar environment can only bring good to your kid, making them feel safe and confident. This, in turn, will make the child more open to the nanny.

Still, the most important factor is how good the nanny is in doing the job. If you want to hire a good nanny, you need to be ready to pay a lot, even more than you would for a quality care center. In fact, the nanny care is the most expensive of all childcare forms.


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