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Toddler Exercise: A Parenting Guide to Meeting Your Toddler’s Fitness Needs

Attention, dear parents! As you embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood, you must be eager to know how to best support your little one’s boundless energy and growth. These tiny adventurers are brimming with curiosity and joy, so let’s embrace their vibrant spirits by acknowledging the significance of toddler exercise and core workouts.

Our deepest desire as parents is to see our children grow up healthy, happy, and full of life. We diligently focus on providing them with proper nutrition and regular check-ups, but there’s more to consider. Recent studies have shed light on a frequently overlooked yet crucial aspect of good parenting – the significance of vigorous physical activities from a young age. Even during their tender years, involving babies in toddler exercises can profoundly influence their overall health.

A groundbreaking research by the University of Alberta has shed light on this vital discovery. It shows that children aged between 12 and 36 months require just seven minutes of dynamic physical activity each day to lay the foundation for a healthier future. These short bursts of exercise for toddlers can safeguard them from obesity problems and promote their cardiovascular health. 

While seven minutes may seem like a brief span, the reality is that most toddlers fall short of achieving this essential milestone. Astonishingly, a significant portion of their day is spent in sedentary activities. With only a mere 0.6 percent dedicated to dynamic exercises, such as running and playing actively.

So, let’s get started on this journey of fostering our baby’s well-being with a blend of love, care, and invigorating toddler playful exercises. By embracing the joy of dynamic activities and incorporating them into our parenting approach, we can give our toddlers a healthier and happier tomorrow. Together, let’s explore the core exercise for toddlers and tips on how to embrace them in daily routines.

How to exercise with a toddler?

Though brisk walking and crawling offer benefits to toddlers, they may not qualify as intense physical activities. Remember, intensity varies with age, size, and gender. To guide you, here are 5 fantastic toddler exercises to explore and enjoy.

Balloon catch

You can play the game of catch with your toddler by using a balloon. This way, even if you’re playing it at home, you won’t run the chance of damaging anything. Furthermore, using a balloon instead of a large ball ensures that your baby won’t get hurt.

Ball rolling

Let’s add a delightful twist to toddler exercise! Instead of traditional ball throwing, spark their curiosity by encouraging ball rolling. Not only does it eliminate safety concerns, but it also fosters core muscle development as they bend down or kneel. 

Rolling down the hill

Here’s a fantastic way to burn off some energy and engage multiple muscles – rolling down a hill! Parks have hills like these or you can have a makeshift hill created in your backyard! Just make sure the hill isn’t too steep to jeopardize the safety of your child. Ensure to opt for a gentle slope, so that your toddler can use their muscles to get rolling and necessary momentum. 

Sand running

Sand running offers numerous benefits for your toddler’s exercise routine. Firstly, a toddler running on sand offers a challenging workout that fulfills their fitness needs. Secondly, it helps prevent injuries as the soft surface cushions potential falls, reducing the risk of serious harm.  Even if your kid falls down, the chances are that no serious injury would happen.


You might think that toddlers are too young to start with swimming lessons, but the American Association of Pediatrics thinks otherwise. According to them, a child can start learning to swim from the age of 1! This delightful activity not only meets your child’s 7 minutes of daily physical activity need but also tends to strengthen the parent-child bond. It’s a win-win way to have fun and stay active together!

Many parents hesitate to introduce their little ones to toddler exercise. They fear that their child might be too young to indulge in it. While it’s natural to be protective, nurturing your child’s physical health during these formative years is of utmost importance. With adequate physical activity during toddlerhood, you are setting the foundation for a healthy future for your little one!

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