What to Tell Your Child on A Daily Basis


Most of the times, because of the speed in which we function, we usually tell our children what NOT to do. We are focused on the negative stuff, and thus we forget the significant influence of positive words.

Here is what you should tell your kids every day to boost their self-confidence and to improve the parent-child relationship.

You win

An encouraging word always raises the confidence in your power. If your little one has successfully finished a puzzle, always tell him that he won. It is how your baby will get used to the taste of success and will learn what a winner means being.

Send me a short message when you get there

The parent is always worried about the safety of his child. He is your little treasure after all. It is a good idea for you to give him a mobile phone and so spare you of a heart attack. Always tell him to send you a text message when he arrives somewhere. Two simple words like ‘I arrived.’ would do. It will calm you down.

In the meantime, be careful on how your kid uses the mobile phone. He is still immature and needs guidance so you should check his contact list and his messages without getting very involved, though. It is important for him to see that you respect his privacy and that you only guide him through the big kid development process.

It is your choice

During the big kid development, you have to teach him how to make his decisions and how to manage responsibilities. In that way, his self-confidence will grow. So, tell him ‘It’s your choice.’ when he wants to decide upon a sure thing.

How are your friends doing?

Always try to know your child’s circle or friends. It is important that you are aware of their names. You know how they say; the entourage can raise you or destroy you. So you have to be careful with whom your baby is spending his time. They can teach him good things, but also bad habits can be learned. Plus, you can throw parties at your house and invite your son’s or your daughter’s friends to spend time together, your kid will love the idea.

Do not waste food

Children like to eat just what they want. They can sometimes ask for unhealthy food because of their acquaintances’ habits. As a parent, you must be strict about wasting food. Making your child adopt a healthy diet every day is a hard task. You can tell him not to waste food by comparing him to one of his favorite heroes.

Always tell the truth

Teach your child the value of honesty. Children have the tendency to hide things from their parents because they are afraid of being punished. You have to convince him always to tell the truth and explain to him why this is so important. That way, your child will keep fewer secrets from you.

Besides the propositions that we enumerated earlier, you can also use ‘I am always thinking about you’ to show him your affection. You can also tell him ‘love and respect the others’ to teach him empathy. Always grow their self-confidence by telling them that they are beautiful and intelligent.

The creation of your kid’s self-image occurs during his childhood. It will certainly reflect in his adulthood; it is why you are responsible for helping him become a valuable grownup.

Gather all your patience and all the knowledge you can and contribute to the creation of a beautiful human being that your child will become.


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