Three Golden Rules Used in the Big Kid’s Discipline


Why is that most of the times we get to have screaming matches with our children or even worse, we don’t know how to react when our kid has a nervous breakdown? The way in which you deal with that several minutes of conflict is decisive not only for what is about to happen but also for his education, for the big kid discipline and your relationship.

  1. Do not yell at your kid when he is angry

Sometimes parents react to a nervous breakdown of their son by yelling back at him and by losing their temper. But this reaction will increase you feeling of losing control of the situation and it is counterproductive for the big kid discipline. The best thing you can do during a crisis is to keep calm. Think about it: it is similar to a car accident – if you get out of the car and start accusing the other driver of being responsible for the crash, you will indeed maintain the tension and the conflict, and that won’t lead to anything good. If you try to stay calm instead, there’s a big chance that the other driver might relax and become reasonable. So, no matter how nervous you are as a parent, no matter how disrespectful your kid might seem or act, do not provoke him to become angrier. It is like putting straws on an already active fire.

  1. Do not try to discuss rationally with a kid that is in the middle of a nervous breakdown

Many parents try to find a rational way to talk to their angry kids because they want them to see that their anger is irrational and completely wrong. Adults eventually solve their tension issues by applying logic and reason. But this is not applicable when it comes to kids. They do not have the same capacity to stop arguing and become rational about a situation like adults do. It is why you have to give up on the idea of being rational. For example: “What is the logic of you angry with me now? It is you who forgot his homework notebook at home.” You will only increase his fury. You will have to apply other techniques, like waiting for him to calm down and then talk to him.

  1. You must be careful with your physical reactions

Another important aspect is following your physical reactions because it is natural for your body to react when you are upset. You will feel your heart beating very hard because of the high level of adrenaline. Although it is difficult, the secret is to act against this reaction and stay calm. Remember, in this kind of moments; it is you who teaches the kid how to handle a nervous breakdown and how to calm his nerves. If you stay calm, you will avoid tension between you both and will help your kid pay attention only to his feelings, without taking into consideration your emotions. When you react calmly, your child will put the second effort in dominating you with his nerves and tantrums. So, it is important for you to learn these parenting techniques to manage your child’s nervous breakdowns rapidly.

Oh, and remember that there is no such thing as a perfect parent an ideal big kid discipline method. Don’t blame yourself or your kid or anybody else for such a situation, as it is entirely normal. Just learn how to react to it and thus apply the discipline techniques taught in this article. If you have other questions related to any other similar situation, do not hesitate to ask us and we will give you the best tips on how to solve it.


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