Using Mobile Apps to Get the Most of Your Child’s Preschool Activities


Let’s face it – we’re living in the 21st century and avoiding the use of modern technology can only harm your child’s development. In fact, certain studies have shown that kids who have played mobile games since an early age were great in solving logic puzzles. But, you should know that mobile games and apps do not necessarily need to be for fun only.

Mobile apps can help your child learn. In fact, some of these applicationscan provide them with preschool activities they need. In order to turn the mobile phone into a learning tool for your kid, all you need to do is download some of these applications!

MarcoPolo Weather

This is a mobile game that’s available for a free download both at Google Play and iTunes. The whole point of the game is to make your kid choose the outfit of the game characters according to the weather.

If the app is showing that it’s a sunny day, your kid can choose a shirt and shorts for the character. This way, not only will they learn more about climate and the weather, but the game will also provide them with much-needed brain exercise.

Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program for Preschoolers

This mobile game was specially designed for preschool kids. This is an interactive game, with lots of interesting characters, to whom children will relate to easily. In order to progress in the game, your kid will need to solve certain problems and deal with exciting tasks.

Draw and Tell

Here’s one game that’s great for encouraging your kid to be creative. If you believe there’s a little novelist hiding inside your kid, waiting to be discovered, this application might help! Draw and Tell allows your child to come up with a full story, from beginning to the end.

Fiete Math

If you want to prepare your child for mathematics, this app might be the right solution. Fiete Math is a great way to introduce your kid to the world of numbers, as it’s extremely fun to play. The game is all about identifying numbers and manipulating them. It starts from simple tasks, but as your child progresses, the app provides more difficult mathematical tasks.

Learn With Homer

According to the official site of this mobile app, Learn With Homer can help your child increase the Early Reading Scores by 74%! This application was designed to be a fun way for learning new words and phrases. In fact, you can be sure that your child will fall in love with reading after using this app.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Having fun might be the best thing to learn new things. If you want to teach your kid alphabet properly, you need to try to make it fun. One way for doing that is downloading the app called Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen!

The name of the application explains everything – the characters from the popular series Sesame Street will guide your kid through learning the letters of the alphabet. The whole process is interactive, meaning that your kid will have to answer alphabet-related questions, solve certain tasks, etc.

LumiKids Park by Lumosity

Lumosity is a game developer that specializes in apps that provide brain workout. Most of their applications are meant for kids, but it doesn’t mean the parents can’t have a bit of fun. The app is guaranteed to boost your mind, as you will have to test your short-term memory, practice color identification, etc.

All of this makes the application rather interesting to kids, while also engaging their brains. This will surely have a positive long-term effect on them, which is why playing LumiKids Park is considered to be one of the best preschool activities your kid might have.


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