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What words should we use in parenting?

Parenting is not easy, but it is beautiful, it is a role that gives you many challenges and many more opportunities. You must act as a guide for your kid. Grow with him. Learn along with him.

Types of people that you shouldn’t accept any advice from

As a parent, it is almost inevitable not to receive at least once unasked advice from another adult, whether he is close or not. The parenting advice that you didn’t ask for is at least disturbing, especially when the person that gives it has no babies at all. Here are ten types of people that you should avoid when it comes to parenting recommendation.

  1. Unknown ladies from the grocery store (or men); any other person from the pharmacy; people from any other public place that don’t have any idea about you or your child and though give their opinion regarding a particular situation.
  2. Brothers or sisters that don’t have kids. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, but as long as they have no idea about sitting up all night and about changing diapers and baby washing, they don’t know the situation that you are facing.
  3. Any relative that feels endeavored to give you an opinion about how to better raise your child.
  4. Persons that don’t have kids. Their theories and their advice about parenting are not valuable as long as they didn’t go through the same situations as you do. Some parents don’t completely trust a pediatrician that has no children of his own.
  5. The 15-year-old nanny or the neighbor’s daughter that you sometimes ask to watch over your kid for an hour.
  6. Parents of girls that tell you how to raise your son. It is applicable for the parents of boys that teach you how to raise your daughter.
  7. Parents that have smaller kids than yours. They take care of a baby, while you might interact with a teenager, which is entirely different. Parenting is distinct from a child to another. There is no such thing as an ideal recipe that will solve all the conflicts and problems and issues that occur when your family is growing. The life experiences are different as well, from a person to another, that is why we cannot apply the same principles of parenting to two separate children. We cannot compare humans like we cannot compare apples with pears.

What words should we use in parenting?

  • ‘What can I do for you?’

No matter the place we live in, tensions might occur. They might seem hard to surpass. Fortunately, the psychologists tell us that is, we use individual words, we can help ourselves and our kids to get over a given situation easier and thus install a calmer atmosphere. So, the first words that we have to have in mind and that we should use are: ‘what can I do for you?’ In other words, we are there for the kid, to distract him from the negative emotions. Among the most common here is fury. Psychologists say that the anger of a child and also an adult is actually a cry for help.

  • ‘I understand you.’

If you actually manage to believe in these words and speak them sincerely, you will show empathy to your child. Not only he will see that you are there for him, but also that you are willing to listen to him and actually help him.




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